Katherine Feiel has always had a fascination
with fabric and design.

Raised by a textile artist, her childhood was spent playing in heaps of fabric, designing clothes and quilts for her dolls. This later developed into a love of costume design and Katherine spent a number of years designing for various theatres.

She apprenticed with Fairy Fashion Wedding Gowns for almost 10 years, acquired the business in 2007 and now designs under two separate labels: Katherine Feiel and Faerie Brides.

Katherine lives on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia and is inspired daily by the beauty which surrounds her.

My thoughts...

Share the wealth: Ideally I see a future of more equitable working conditions and pay for workers in all stages of production, and support fair trade when purchasing from developing nations.

Beauty comes naturally and painlessly: I endorse and promote healthy body weight and healthy practices for all those involved in the fashion industry, and plan to design an entire collection which will be devoted to the full figured bride.

Stop Waste: We have to work together to stop waste on all levels, and reuse whenever and wherever we can. My Boutique collection was created because I kept finding beautifully beaded vintage garments that perhaps had an outdated cut yet had so much beautiful detail. I rework these pieces instead of discarding them, giving them new life.

Discover bespoke, custom, and one-of-a-kind designer wedding gowns crafted from new and vintage fabrics. Katherine is an advocate of the slow fashion movement, and takes an ethical approach, buying fairly traded products when purchasing raw materials from developing nations. 
Each gown is sewn by her and becomes a labor of love.

Katherine Feiel has been designing and manufacturing custom, medieval, celtic, and Story Book Wedding wedding gowns worldwide for over fifteen years.